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34th edition

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Céline Breuil Japy - Script

Céline BREUIL JAPY – script

Céline Breuil Japy has been a scriptwriter for 25 years. She discovered this profession during her film studies in Paris 8. She first intended for journalism then branched off as an autodidact towards the profession of scriptwriter. She trained on many short films then started on feature films. She has been able to create links with certain filmmakers with whom she has worked for many years (Jacques Maillot, Audrey Estrougo, Martin Provost, Blandine Lenoir).

Jacques Olivier MOLON - superviseur des effets spéciaux

Jacques-Olivier MOLON – SFX supervisor

It was while reading interviews with special effects make-up artists in Mad Movies magazine that Jacques-Olivier became passionate about the SFX profession from an early age. A fan of Star Wars and horror films, he launched into the profession at the end of the 90s, working on films such as Brocéliande (fantastic), Horsehead (terror) and Hollywood productions (The Pink Panther – 2005). Jacques-Olivier considers his job to be an art, he is also led to work for the theater as well as the creation of special effects make-up intended for advertising campaigns for road safety in 2010 and 2012.

Manon Tellier - élève de la section cinéma

Manon TELLIER – Student in cinema section

Her passion for cinema was born somewhat by chance, even though she has always watched a lot of films with her family. She preferred to tell stories and act them out. She started the theater and discovered the cinema when she arrived in high school, failing to find a theater option. It was the ideal extension of the theater because you can do everything on the screen, even science fiction. She learned that we could tell and put in pictures our stories. It has become a real passion. She likes to write scenarios and create the visual universes she has in mind as much in the course as for herself. The discovery of the history of cinema in progress allowed him to learn more about everything that could have been done by directors like Friedrich Murnau, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Chloé Zhao or Nicolas Winding Refn. Today, she does not imagine going anywhere other than in cinema or theater, as an actress, screenwriter or director.