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Cinema at Janot high school, Sens

Adapted premises for film education

4 stalls for writing and video editing
4 stalls for writing and video editing
Premise for audiovisual material
Premise for audiovisual material
Studio with green background for special effects
Class and projection room
Class and projection room

Motivated and fascinated students and teachers for cinema

  • Facultative option from fifth form class to upper sixth form class: 3h per week, opened to every Janot High school students
  • Film-audiovisual specialisation: 4h (fifth form class) then 6h (upper sixth form class) per week, opened to students from comprehensive school
  • More than 400 students registered to “Lycéens au cinéma” (3 to 4 movies screened in cinema and studied in class)
  • Participation to the CLAP 89 festival
  • A film club in the cinema
  • More projects:

One partnership, several partnerships

  • Confluences cinema is the official cultural partner for the film-audiovisual section since 2019

National partners:

  • Cinémathèque de Paris, L’Institut Lumière de Lyon and the Premiers plans d’Angers association

Local partners:

  • Sens-Fiction association for the CLAP 89 festival
  • Des Possibles association for the Des Possibles festival
  • Cercle Condorcet de Sens for screenings and meetings with directors
  • L’Autre séance association for art house film screenings
  • City of Sens for filming, internships and collaboration with the theatre
  • Davier high school of Joigny for collaboration with the theatre section

Field trips:

  • Travel to the Premiers plans d’Angers festival (3 days)
  • Exhibitions and workshops in the Cinémathèque de Paris
  • Travel to Lyon, the first city of cinema, to the Lumières festival, to the Institut Lumière and to the film museum (2 days)
  • Shooting of documentary films in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (3 days)

Involvement of professionals:

  • A specialist in film economy, Cédric Aubry (cinema owner)
  • Directors: Ismaël Ferroukhi, Alexandre Messina, Jérôme Prieur, Benoît Keller
  • Specialized technicians: sound-engineer (Louise Abbou), photographer (Emmanuel Berry), video editor (Guillaume Lebel), image operator (Grégoire Jeanmaire)